Landscaping Ideas For Office Buildings

7 Landscaping Ideas for Office Buildings and Parks

February 12, 2020

Beautiful landscapes don’t just happen, especially the impressive manicured planting areas, walkways, and colorful, cooling retreats that grace Florida’s best office buildings, hotels, and commercial developments. Municipalities also realize the benefits of parks and playgrounds, and they encourage art

Landscape Planning Community Builders

Landscape Planning For Community Builders: How ASI Finds Success

December 2, 2019

There is little doubt that traditional small towns and urban communities have changed over the decades. But there is also a sense that older communities made more sense than the suburban sprawl of recent decades. What does that have to do with landscape planning, design, construction, and maintenance?

Backyard landscaping ideas Florida

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for High-End homes

November 6, 2019

Every homeowner today is aware that a home's value is enhanced by that elusive quality known as "curb appeal," and that a well-designed and properly-maintained landscape is a selling point for any home on the market. But what about backyard landscaping ideas that boost the enjoyment quotient for residents

The Impact of Landscaping on Property Values

The Impact of Landscaping on Property Values

October 9, 2019

Plants, pathways, flower bed border stones, and trees—most people view these landscaping features as purely aesthetic. Yet, all it takes is one episode of HGTV’s show “Curb Appeal” to show you the impact of landscaping on property values. On the show, pros move in and work their magic to transfo

Landscape site lines

5 Ways Landscape Sight Lines Are Important to Design

September 11, 2019

Just as in art, architecture, and interior design, perspective and the existence of a focal point are vital considerations in landscape design. Even in nature, the human eye can identify "layers" of different elements that come together to form a total picture. The next time you look at a forest, a beach s

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