9 Questions For Local Landscaping Contractors Every HOA & CDD Should Ask

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Whether you consider the relationship of landscaping to a commercial complex or residential development as icing on the cake or as a vital ingredient in the distinctive appeal of the whole project, there is little doubt that your concern is real and an important part of your planning. There are so many considerations: Hardscape and greenery, trees and flowering shrubs, fountains, walking paths, sidewalks, mulch, maintenance. The list of questions for local landscaping contractors just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

There are two primary considerations that take priority before you actually sit down to discuss specific questions. Does the contractor hold adequate licenses for the work you want to be performed? Is the contractor aware of and experienced with local irrigation codes and requirements? These are basic to any further discussion. Then we suggest the following questions to develop a rapport and gain specific information.

9 Questions to Ask Local Landscaping Contractors

Here are nine simple questions to pose to a landscape contractor, whether you’re planning a completely new landscape installation or revamping an existing outdoor space.

Do You Have Specific Local Experience?

Your landscape contractor should be able to relate to local conditions, especially in Florida. ASI Landscape Management has offices in both Tampa and Orlando and our professional team is well aware of the different requirements for the property on the Atlantic side of the state and along the Gulf Coast, as well as the various microclimates that exist from the Panhandle to South Florida. We can point to our award-winning designs and more than 20 years of experience as a testimony to our expertise.

Can Your Company Handle Installation as well as Planning? 

A contractor with a full-service team can provide turnkey planning, installation, and maintenance services. In addition, we have highly knowledgeable arborists and horticulturists on staff, and we plan and install irrigation systems and hardscape elements in your landscape as well.

How Do You Incorporate Hardscape Features into the Landscape? 

We understand that a well-planned landscape needs a variety of areas. We strive to incorporate the features our clients deem to be most important — walking paths, exercise areas, pool decks, and lounge areas, gathering spots or sports courts, parking, fountains, life-size sculpture or art gardens, putting greens or horseshoe and bocce pits. If you can dream it, chances are good that we can supply it!

Will Trees and Shrubbery Be Drought Tolerant? 

Although we cannot promise that all plants will survive all adverse conditions, we do promise that we choose only those plants that are appropriate for your specific region. We work with you to ensure that our landscape construction and installations are as “native” and easy-care as possible.

Will the Landscape Survive Tropical Storms or Hurricanes? 

Again, while we cannot guarantee that a particular tree or plant will survive a hurricane, we are aware of the possibility of storms in all parts of the state, and we strive to make appropriate choices for each area and every specific project.

Will the Landscape Require an Irrigation System? 

Small landscape jobs might not require automatic systems, but ASI planners will work with you to find the best solutions to meet your needs and your budget, while also being mindful of the most effective ways to assure that the landscape performs as desired with the minimum amount of care.

What about Maintenance Issues? 

By choosing a proven leader in the field of landscape design, installation, and maintenance, you can be sure that our professional team will service your project to the highest standards possible, and that your landscape will be well-groomed and appealing no matter what the season or conditions.

How Will the Landscape Look at Maturity? 

We always plan our landscape designs for their mature appearance, taking into account the growth patterns and size of mature trees and shrubs. That’s not to say that your landscape will look sparse or unfinished when it’s young, but we do plan for the growth and development of the living part of the landscape.

Will the New Landscape “Age” Well? 

That’s always the goal. We hope that the landscapes we design will be as beautiful 20 or 30 years in the future as they are when first installed.

The Best Time to Plan Your Landscape

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Another important consideration is timing. When is the best time to plan the landscape for a new community or commercial development? Our answer is always the same: The earlier the better! Today the integration of indoor and outdoor space is more important than ever before.

The concept of “healthy buildings” is predicated on the idea that people are happier, healthier, and more productive when they live and work in attractive spaces. The environment outside the doors of a home, office building, or commercial space is as important as interior design, function, comfort, and air quality.

Knowing how to integrate interior and exterior space effectively is the job of a trained professional landscape designer. In order to reap the benefits, however, a commercial development director, building manager, or HOA representative must understand what is important and know how to achieve the right results.

At ASI Landscape Management, we consider view lines, focal points, walking paths, access to buildings, and “layers” of landscaping as vital elements in every outdoor environment. We work hard to assure that gardens and exterior structures such as paved paths, patios, walls and benches, and outdoor gathering areas complement not only the architecture but also the interior design and purpose of buildings.

Ideally, your local landscaping contractors will work in tandem with your architect and construction contractor to assure a seamless and coordinated effort from beginning to end. We do that on a routine basis, and we perform those duties, including actual construction of hardscape elements and installation of all plants and materials, on a timely, cost-efficient basis.

What to Expect of Your Local Landscaping Contractors

ASI Landscape Management has developed a reputation throughout Florida for innovative landscaping techniques, understanding the concerns of developers and HOA managers, exemplary customer service, on-time and on-budget completion of contracts, and outstanding landscape maintenance.

No matter what your location and your vision, we anticipate the challenges and employ a multi-faceted approach to develop solutions that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In addition to asking your local landscaping contractors questions about experience and processes, confirm their licensing and experience, and ask for the addresses of completed projects. View for yourself the environments that the contractor has created to gain a better sense of their creative vision and follow-through.

We proudly point to our completed HOA landscaping contracts as a testimony to our success, and we enjoy professional affiliations with some of the top names in the state. As you think of the present and future landscaping needs, we hope you’ll think of ASI Landscape Management. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs — whether it’s virtual, onsite at your project location, or at one of our convenient offices in either Tampa or Orlando.

We are committed to serving you with professionalism and quality no matter what your job entails, and our consultants will happily answer any questions you may direct our way.

Justin Parker

In late 2008, Justin joined ASI Landscape Management and quickly moved into the position of Director of Construction. Since then, the company has grown from one installation crew to eight full-time and two seasonal crews, with various stages of support staff employed to assist in the growth of the division.