Landscape Design Plans: What Sets ASI Apart

Landscape Design Plans Central Florida

No two landscape design plans are created equal. At ASI, we strive to provide a high quality, full-service experience from concept to construction, all the way through completion and maintenance. Unlike some providers, our process takes into account your design ideas and we work right alongside you to bring your vision to life. If a new construction or reconstruction project is on the horizon for your property, here is a quick walkthrough of what sets us apart from the crowd.

The Landscape Design Plan Process

Designing a new landscape installation should be a collaborative process. That’s why we’ll work together in all phases. It’s our way of ensuring that you get the landscape your property needs.

Design Consulting to Learn Your Needs

Our seasoned team of professionals has your best interests in mind. With our consulting service, you bring your ideas to us and our expert staff will learn from you. We want to understand your unique vision for the area and we’ll ask the appropriate questions to ensure we meet your goals. Not sure where to begin? We’ll offer suggestions based on years of industry experience.

Plan For Success

Designing a LandscapeTaking into account any recommendations you have, our team will carefully craft a plan for your outdoor space. Our planning process includes research like site visits to catalog and determine existing site conditions. With a full inventory and analysis of opportunities and constraints, we can build and refine as necessary.

Through the use of hand sketches, photos, and computer-aided design programs, a conceptual design is formed for further approval. As plans become finalized, you’ll have a better understanding of the price necessary for design implementation.

Whether it’s a more simple design or an in-depth construction project, our team provides additions, refinements, and overall attractive solutions that fit your budget and bring your design to life.

Project Implementation

Once your landscape design plan is in place, our installation process begins with licensed professionals. Unlike others, our design team will continue to work closely with the operations team to assure implementation follows your needs, goals, and vision. Changes to the design while in the construction phase are then made based on your preferences and site conditions.

No matter how intricate, you’ll receive the highest quality of work and full ongoing support. We offer a full range of maintenance options in the commercial landscape field to make sure that your needs continue to be met even after the project has ended.

All Projects Are Custom

Every property is different and every project requires customization. From new construction to landscape, we tackle them all.

Elements of New Construction

We specialize in working with new construction for every type of commercial property. Our team provides full-scale service from concept to completion, and continued maintenance. Many of these include a lot of concrete work in addition to planting trees and shrubs for aesthetics.

Some ideas for a new project might include concrete pathways, pool areas, or entryway landscaping. At Power Design, we provided landscaping with flowers and shrubs to highlight the property’s signage, included a concrete walkway, and designed palm tree groupings for an even more elevated aesthetic.

Consider Renovations or Enhancements

Our team has brought properties back to life after tropical storms and provided replanting of hardy wind-resistant trees and shrubs to help protect them from future damage. Whether it’s a renovation needed because of damage, or a simple upgrade, we are qualified to handle them all.

Enhancements can include upgrading an ordinary pathway into stamped concrete or turning a plain patio into an outdoor oasis with a fireplace or screened-in porch.

Landscape Design Planning Elements

There are, essentially, two types of major design that should be considered with landscape projects. Softscape landscaping includes the fluid elements of your outdoor space, like plants, trees, shrubs, and other living things that can change over time. Hardscape elements are permanent landscape design plans, like built-in fire pits, and outdoor kitchens.

The overall design should depend on your property, your usage needs, and your climate. Vintage Lofts is a great showcase of how standing structures can frame and enhance the overall look of a property.

Your Climate Will Determine Your Landscape

Your location will determine the best strategy when it comes to your landscape design plan. We serve the Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota, and Bradenton areas, and each varies to a certain degree.

Coastal properties on the Atlantic and the Gulf must be outfitted with a landscape design that is hardy enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy rain. The possibility of high rainfall may require installing drainage and irrigation solutions.

High temperatures also determine the landscape design and can require plants that are heat resistant, like the lantana or salvia. Regardless of where you’re located, our team is familiar with the smallest climate changes throughout Florida.

Contact ASI for Landscape Design Planning

ASI has a professional team of experts ready to bring your outdoor project to life. We’ll work with your ideas and budget, no matter how grand or conservative. If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial property with a new landscape design, contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.


Justin Parker

In late 2008, Justin joined ASI Landscape Management and quickly moved into the position of Director of Construction. Since then, the company has grown from one installation crew to eight full-time and two seasonal crews, with various stages of support staff employed to assist in the growth of the division.