ASI is the Newest Weathermatic Premier Partner in Florida

Weathermatic Partners with ASI Landscape Management

We believe water is one of our most valuable and most precious resources. It’s why Weathermatic was on our radar. Their campaign to provide better water management aligns with our vision to utilize smart practices and improve irrigation technologies to preserve the resource and provide beautiful landscapes. Our supplies are limited, and more people flock to Florida every day, so it is important to use what we have wisely. As Weathermatic’s newest Premier Partner, we are excited to team up with one of the best in the industry – and to be one of the first in the state to recognize the potential.

Making Smart Water Choices

Did you know, the largest percentage of water used by the average single-family home is for landscaping purposes? Just imagine how much more consumption there is in a commercial property. Healthcare buildings are the leading users and lodging doesn’t fall far behind public services to round out the top three.

Did you know, single sprinkler system uses over 1,000 gallons in a one-hour time period? This means, a property of many acres, with multiple sprinkler systems throughout, could use over 1 million gallons per month, making water a top-three expense for commercial properties. Without Smart Irrigation techniques, usage could get out of hand quickly.

Our partnership with Weathermatic gives us the opportunity to work with one of the irrigation industry’s leading companies in the campaign to save water. We receive the full support of their resources, which gives us the chance to use proven technologies to provide clients with better management of their own irrigation systems. And, ultimately, save money.

Weathermatic – A System for Better Water Management

How Weathermatic Works

The Weathermatic Smartline Bundle provides us with a platform to remotely monitor and manage our customers’ systems. Using the smart controller, wireless weather station, and Smartlink Communication card, we use site-specific conditions to adjust the irrigation programs as needed. Not only does the bundle help us offer better water management, but it also allows us to be more efficient in our service to clients.

With the optional flow sensing technologies, you have even more power to manage your water. The cloud-based technology uses remote communication, system alerts, remote zone activation, inspection, mapping, programming, and reporting tools all in an app and online dashboard. These powerful tools allow us to make programming changes more quickly and easily, respond even faster, produce professional reports with images, and be more transparent with information.

Why a Premier Partner

Being a Weathermatic Premier Partner gives us the chance to provide options to our clients to upgrade their systems with little to no upfront cost. Rather than paying full price for the project all at once, there is an optional lease program. The program is used to offset the initial cost by blending it with a maintenance contract. The Shadow Creek community switched to Weathermatic and saw a significant decrease in cost in just a few short months. They had been spending $1.2 million and were down to just $700k even before being at full use, proving that responsible water management was not only great for reducing waste, but also saving money.

The Weathermatic Difference

Weathermatic Premier Partner

Weathermatic offers a full warranty on their hardware for active subscriptions. This includes damage, theft, vandalism, and even lightning damage. This warranty is essential for Florida’s electrical storms.

With over 75 years of industry experience, Weathermatic is a proven brand with products installed in more than 85 countries. They have worked with well-known and respected clients like Marriott, Publix, and JPMorgan Chase, just to name a few. We are excited to be among the ranks of these reputable brands in the cause to save more of our greatest resource.

Additionally, ASI Landscape Management believes in giving back to the community and Weathermatic’s charitable contributions are something we find inspiring. Each year, 840,000 people around the world die as a result of unsafe drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene. Weathermatic’s commitment to the Save Water – Give Life campaign to provide clean drinking water for areas around the world is admirable, and something we want to be a part of. With the savings from their high-class management system, they are able to build wells in some areas around the world that need it most. There have already been 63+ clean drinking wells provided to 6,000 families through conserving over 20 billion gallons of water.

A Proud Premier Partner

This partnership is one we have been looking forward to for a long time. Giving back to communities in need and being responsible in our business practices is something we hold in high regard. Connecting with Weathermatic was an easy choice to make for the future of our landscape irrigation and water managment service and our clients. If you’re ready to save water, money, and contribute to the cause, we’re ready to show you how.


Eric Rothell

As the resident irrigation expert, Eric Rothell holds the title of Director of Irrigation. He manages technicians across ASI’s multiple service markets and educates them on the most up to date industry knowledge. Eric has certifications as a technician, contractor, designer, and auditor, and is also a corporate irrigation trainer.